Get North Carolina’s Best with NC Carports

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Get North Carolina’s Best with NC Carports

NC Carports is the premier provider of metal buildings in the country. We provide high-quality metal buildings at some of the most competitive prices in the nation. These buildings are designed to last a lifetime with strong steel framing and paneling. So, they can stand up to the toughest weather conditions. And the best part? Our metal buildings are highly versatile. You’ll be able to use a sturdy building for just about any of your needs! Have a vision in mind? Let NC Carports make it a reality!

Choose Consistency – Choose Steel

One major benefit of our metal buildings in NC is that their steel framing and paneling is completely uniform. With wooden structures, you may have to worry about imperfections or inconsistencies in the wooden parts. That will never be the case with steel buildings. Each steel panel, support post, or part is made ahead of time to meet specific requirements set by current industry guidelines. For this reason, there will never be one piece that is weaker than another. We can proudly say that our steel is strong at all times. Not only is our steel tough, but it is also rust-resistant, pest-resistant, and fire-resistant. It doesn’t get any stronger, safer, or easier than a steel building from NC Carports.

The Possibilities are Endless with NC Carports

NC Carports is the best place for steel buildings North Carolina. We offer carports, garages, or any other metal building you can think of. Our metal structures are made from the highest-quality steel and manufactured right here in the United States. We take pride in our buildings being rugged, secure, and able to stand the test of time to last a lifetime.

To give you some ideas of what we offer, here are some of our most popular buildings:

  1. Custom Metal Buildings  

It is our goal to provide you with your dream carport or prefab metal building. We are able to do this by allowing you to customize your structure through every step of the way. All the design details are in your hands, from the color of the walls, the doors, the windows, the size, and so much more! We will bring your dream to life with the best steel buildings NC has to offer that are completely customized by you!

  • Metal Carports

A vehicle of any kind is a big investment. We know how important it is to keep that investment as pristine as possible. The best way to do that is to protect it from Mother Nature’s harsh elements. The bleaching rays of the sun and devastating effects of precipitation can take their toll on your vehicles. Metal carports protect you from all of that. They are strong, durable, and secure.

  • Metal Garages

It seems like no matter how much we declutter, we’re always going to have extra stuff. No one wants to keep their kids’ sports equipment in the house during the off-season, and lawnmowers have no place in a linen closet. That’s why metal garages are the best solution. They offer ample space to organize and secure all the stuff that just doesn’t fit in your home.

  • Metal Barns

Metal barns prove that wooden barns are a thing of the past. Our steel barns are superior in every way. They are resistant to mold and mildew, thus keeping your animals, animal feed, and equipment safe. Not only that, they’re resistant to dangerous fires and pest infestations. You can rely on metal barns to provide the best possible protection for you, your crops, and your livestock. 

  • Commercial Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are the perfect choice for commercial purposes. They are versatile and reliable, which is everything you need to house a successful business. These structures are a great choice whether you’re a large company or a small start-up. You can use NC Carports’ metal buildings as areas for retail space, break room, or covered dining areas. The possibilities are endless!

  • Clear Span Buildings

The metal buildings provided by NC Carports are a fantastic choice if you need lots of open space. We offer Clear Span metal buildings that are designed to be completely open. This means you won’t have to worry about support posts or beams stuck in the middle of your structure. These buildings make great riding arenas and warehouses. They are also great for an open floor plan for retail space and equipment storage.

  • And more!

We can completely customize a building to meet any of your needs.

Metal Buildings NC Protects You Through it All

If you buy a new metal carport, you want anything stored in and under it to be protected. At NC Carports, our metal buildings are sure to keep you and your stuff safe and secure.

Our buildings provide protection against:

  • Creepy critters, like termites and rodents
  • Severe storms, wind, and precipitation are no match for our buildings
  • Heavy snow loads
  • Icy weather
  • Hail damage
  • Damage from falling debris
  • Harmful UV exposure
  • Mold and mildew
  • Devastating fires

Our buildings are already built tough, but you can also get it certified to guarantee it is built a little more rugged to handle the weather in your area.

NC Carports Slashes Utility Bills

Steel buildings in North Carolina can get unbearably hot in the summer and miserably cold in the winter. However, that’s not a problem with metal buildings from NC Carports. Our carports and metal buildings are designed in a way that allows for more insulation. The more insulation you have, the less your utility bills will cost! Your steel building North Carolina will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

NC Carports are More Than Just Carports

The steel buildings and carports we provide at NC Carports are so versatile that they can be anything you dream of. They are great for residential, agricultural, industrial, and commercial purposes. We’ve seen our customers get their creative juices flowing when they plan what they are going to use their new metal buildings for.

Here are some ways we’ve seen our customers use our metal buildings in each category:


  • Shelter for children’s play areas
  • Poolside cabana
  • Covered entertainment space


  • Shelter for horses
  • Storage for animal feed
  • Covered protection for equipment


  • Warehouse space
  • Covered break area for workers
  • A space for solar panels


  • Shelter for a produce stand
  • Outdoor extension for a business location
  • Protection for company vehicles

Choose the Best Steel Buildings NC Has to Offer

NC Carports is the best place to buy your premium steel carports and metal buildings. All of these structures are super durable and rugged. We provide excellent customer service by always having our team of top-notch building specialists on call and ready to answer any and all of your questions. With lots of styles to choose from and numerous possibilities, there’s no better place to buy a new metal building from than NC Carports! Call us today at +1(786)990-9814!

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