Side Entry Garage NC

A side-entry garage from NC Carports is a fantastic solution for those who need a dedicated vehicle parking and storage facility, but don’t have a particularly deep piece of property to work with. With our great selection of NC side-entry garage design choices, you’ve got even more helpful building options!

Side Entry Garage NC
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    Let NC Carports Deliver the BEST Side Entry Metal Garage for You!

    If you’re looking for a flexible metal garage option in NC, which fits within the constraints of your available space, you should consider investing in a side-entry garage from NC Carports. These buildings can go as wide as you want, while still being able to fit on a somewhat narrow lot. The doors or frame-outs are placed on the side-walls rather than on the ends, so you have easy access points for vehicles, equipment, and more. These structures are popular among homeowners, farmers, and business owners alike.

    But aren’t all side-entry metal garages the same? No, they aren’t! NC Carports offers plenty of ways for you to customize, including everything from specific building dimensions, to colors, to door, window, and frame-out placement. Does your area require metal garages to be certified for minimum wind and snow loads? We’ve got you covered. And while we don’t offer any groundwork or paving services, we absolutely can have your side-entry garage installed on practically any type of level foundation surface. We offer top-quality structures, and our prices are hard to beat, too! Interested in saving even more? We can also provide you with a discounted, precision-engineered side-entry garage kit in NC, which you can install yourself!

    Benefits of Metal Side Entry Garage NC

    What’s better about choosing a steel garage over some building made with wood, aluminum, or something else? Nearly everything you can think of!

    • Safe & Secure – No other type of building can keep your precious ride(s) safer or more secure than a steel garage!
    • Flexible Engineering – A steel can be designed any way you want it, and is easier to expand or adapt than a stick-build.
    • Tough & Easy Maintenance – Steel won’t rot like wood, it’s simple to clean, and it’s built to last!
    • Pest- & Fire-Resistant – Termites, mold, & mildew are no threat to steel, and steel doesn’t burn either.
    • Cost-Effective – With all of steel’s advantages you might think it’s more expensive, but it actually offers a very competitive price point!
    Frequently Asked Questions?
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    We don’t just provide metal garages; we provide strong, resilient steel garages. Each and every one of our structures is custom-designed, engineered, and fabricated with high-quality steel by American workers in a local American facility. At NC Carports, we only partner with the best steel structure manufacturers to ensure that you receive the quality steel building you deserve!

    As far as garage size goes, we can build to almost any specified dimensions of width, length, and height. What building dimensions do you need? That really depends on how you intend to use your building. How many personal vehicles do you need to shelter? What about other vehicles, equipment and general storage? We can make it happen!

    At NC Carports, it’s always our goal to provide you with the best-quality steel garages and other structures at the best prices. As far as final cost goes, your particular garage price will largely be based upon your building’s dimensions, roof style, added customizations, and the location of your install site. Just reach out with specific questions!

    A metal building that’s certified means it’s been professionally engineered to meet or exceed minimum standards for certain wind and snow loads. Many areas do require metal building certification, while others don’t. Either way, we like to recommend certification to all of our customers, thanks to the extra peace of mind it offers for building owners.

    Thanks to the flexibility of our steel garages, you can really use them for a myriad of purposes. Of course you can park your vehicles inside, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. These multipurpose structures also make great barns, sheds, workshops, warehouses, retail spaces, office buildings, and can even be finished as residential space. The sky’s the limit!

    Metal Building Installation Services in North Carolina

    Unless you’re into putting up your own buildings, you’d probably appreciate partnering with someone who can do that for you. Well, NC Carports includes steel building delivery and installation, as long as you’re located within our service area! Sound too good to be true? It isn’t!