Metal Carports

Metal carport is a structure used to protect your vehicles, equipment, and valuable assets from extreme weather conditions. At NC Carports, we offer more than 100 combinations of metal carport designs, sizes, and colors. We provide the best vertical roof carports, regular roof carports, and other metal carports across the USA. You can customize and buy your metal carport online at the lowest price with lowest down payment.

Need someplace to keep your vehicles under shelter? NC Carports delivers the best metal carports in North Carolina, and beyond! We only use rugged steel to provide better protection and reliability than any structure made with wood or other materials. Plus, you can customize your carport any way you want!


Metal Carports
Top Rated Metal Buildings in North Carolina
30x36 Vertical Roof Carport NC
30x36 Vertical Roof Carport
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18x21 Regular Steel Carport NC
18x21 Regular Steel Carport
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28x41 Steel Carport NC
28x41 Steel Carport
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20x41 Steel Carport NC
20x41 Steel Carport
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30 x 26 Vertical Roof Carport NC
30 x 26 Vertical Roof Carport
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24 x 41 Steel Carport NC
24 x 41 Steel Carport
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Best Metal Carports Of The Month
30x36 Vertical Roof Carport
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Metal Carports in Every Shape, Size, and Design

Looking for the best selection of metal carports and open-air shelters? NC Carports has several popular styles to accommodate one, two, three, even four cars or more! These structures can be used for more than just carports, too. They can meet any other outdoor shelter needs you may have, too.

Why Choose NC Carports for Your Metal Carport Needs?

Some wrongly assume that all metal carports are the same, but nothing could be farther from the truth! With NC Carports, you can customize your steel carport any way you want including building dimensions, paneling options, trim, colors, and more! If you’ve got one, two, or multiple vehicles to cover, we’ve got you covered. Whatever style you need, in whatever width, length, or height – we can do it! And if you have some special design considerations, we can work with you on those, too.

The steel gauging you prefer for your framing, roofing, and any optional siding are up to you. And as far as paneling goes, you can choose none, partial walls, or completely enclosed walls for better protection. Want to add some decorative trim or gables? We can take care of that. What colors do you prefer for your paneling and trim? You get to decide. You can even choose a two-tone look, if you like. What type of install site will you be using? We have anchors that will work on nearly any foundation, including plain ground.

Roof Style Options for Your Metal Carports
We’ve got three great roof options from which to choose, including:

Regular Roof

Regular roofs offer a traditionally popular rounded shape, and come standard with horizontally oriented paneling. Regular roofs are the most economical option, and they deliver dependable protection from sun, rain, and weathering from the elements.

Vertical Roof

The vertical roof offers the strongest design and the highest level of performance available for a metal building. They’re built on an A-frame base with added reinforcements, and they feature sleek vertical paneling which is great for shedding both precipitation and debris. They’re also best for heavier wind/snow loads.

A-Frame Roof

Many are drawn to the A-frame (also called boxed eave) roof style, largely because they are more similar in look and design to that of a typical house roof. A-frames are a sturdier option than the regular roof, and they also come standard with horizontal paneling.

Benefits of Metal Metal Carports

What’s better about choosing a steel carport over something constructed from wood, aluminum, or other materials? Pretty much everything!

  • All-Weather Protection – Steel offers superior protection from the elements, and is better suited for enduring lightning and earthquake threats, too.
  • Multipurpose Functionality – Steel offers better flexibility of design than wood or other materials, and a steel structure is also easier to adapt or expand down the road.
  • Strong & Rugged – Steel doesn’t rot like wood, and it’s engineered to last longer with less needed maintenance.
  • Resistant to Fire & Pests – Steel doesn’t burn, and it isn’t threated by termites, mold, or mildew; wood doesn’t offer these features.
  • Affordable – Based on all of steel’s advantages you might think steel is more expensive; the fact of the matter is that steel has a very competitive price point per square foot!
Frequently Asked Questions?
+1 (786) 990-9814

Once your order is placed with us, go ahead and make sure you obtain any needed building permits. You’ll also need to ensure your site is level, and get your site foundation prepared beforehand. One other thing to keep in mind is that our crews will need to have easy access to your site, along with ample room to work.

The short answer is … that depends. It ultimately comes down to how you intend to use your structure, and on what the building codes are in your location. Many areas do require permits; just check with your local authorities for details. If a permit is required, you’ll need to have that in hand before we arrive to install.

At NC Carports, we work hard to provide you with the absolute best-quality steel carports and buildings, while also making every effort to keep prices as low as possible! Your carport price will ultimately depend on factors including your building’s size, roof style, chosen customization options, and install location. We’ll be happy to custom-price a perfect carport for you!

Absolutely! We normally include installation with purchase, but if you’d like to have a custom-designed steel carport kit manufactured which you can pick up and install yourself, we make those available, too. Plus, by doing it yourself you’ll enjoy an additional discount! Just reach out to us with specific questions about our metal carport kits and other building kits.

Thanks to our preferred relationships with quality local manufacturers, NC Carports provides some of the quickest turnaround times in the industry! Your specific lead time will depend on factors like the size of your building, where it’s to be installed, and the season of the year. Once we arrive to install, most carports can go up in a single day!

Metal Building Installation Services in North Carolina

Unless you’re into putting up your own buildings, you’d probably appreciate partnering with someone who can do that for you. Well, NC Carports includes steel building delivery and installation, as long as you’re located within our service area! Sound too good to be true? It isn’t!