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North Carolina is the world center of light-gauge steel buildings; more major providers call NC home than anywhere else. But NOBODY meets your metal building needs better than NC Carports!

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NC Carports – Your Preferred Online Dealer in North Carolina

There are plenty of metal structure dealers who will clamor for your business, but NC Carports is different. We keep things simple, and we provide a local feeling and a personalized touch for each and every valued customer. Our only goal is to treat you well while taking care of your metal building needs in North Carolina.

Easy Financing Options

Let us make ordering a metal building in NC easier for you!

Fast Delivery

Custom buildings take time, but we won’t waste time for you!

Unbeatable Customer Service

We treat you like a friend, taking care of you all the way!

Top Rated Carports in North Carolina
18x21x6 Standard Metal Carport NC
18x21x6 Standard Metal Carport
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12x21x6 Side Entry Carport NC
12x21x6 Side Entry Carport
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18x21x6 A Frame Metal Carport NC
18x21x6 A Frame Metal Carport
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18x21 Regular Steel Carport NC
18x21 Regular Steel Carport
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24x21x7 Carport NC
24x21x7 Carport
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22x31x10 Steel Carport Building NC
22x31x10 Steel Carport Building
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Why Choose NC Carports?

When it comes to carports and metal buildings in NC, we know you’ve got lots of provider options. But not everyone can take care of you like NC Carports can! Our mission is simple – we offer quality steel structures in North Carolina at reasonable prices, and we take care of every single customer. That’s it!

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  • A Real Human Touch for Our Customers
  • Versatile, High-Quality Metal Buildings Made-to-Order
  • Shorter Lead Times
  • Easy Financing & Payment Options
Roof Style Options with NC Carports

Maybe you prefer the rounded feel of a regular roof. Or perhaps you’d like an A-frame roof that better matches your house. And you can’t beat a vertical roof’s superior performance!

Regular Roof Carports NC
Regular Roof Carports

Regular roofs offer a rounded look and feature standard horizontal paneling. These roofs provide dependable protection from the sun and elements, and they’re also the most affordable roof option.

A-Frame Roof Carports NC
A-Frame Roof Carports

Also called boxed-eave roofs, A-frame roofs are often preferred by homeowners thanks to their similarity in design to a house roof. They’re also sturdier than a standard regular roof.

Vertical Roof Carports NC
Vertical Roof Carports

Other roof styles have their pros and cons, but nothing beats the pure performance of a vertical roof! It has additional reinforcements, and the vertical paneling easily sheds precipitation and debris.

Utility Carports NC
Utility Carports

Great Selection of Metal Buildings in NC

What do you need in a steel structure? You really can’t beat our selection at NC Carports! We partner with quality local manufacturers to get you the best carports, garages, barns, RV covers, utility buildings, and more!

Metal Building Installation Services in North Carolina

Unless you’re into putting up your own buildings, you’d probably appreciate partnering with someone who can do that for you. Well, NC Carports includes steel building delivery and installation, as long as you’re located within our service area! Sound too good to be true? It isn’t!

Best Carport and Metal Building Options in NC!

At NC Carports, our prices are good, but our metal building quality and selection is even better! Each metal structure is made-to-order to suit your exact specifications and needs. You choose your building dimensions, roof style, and whatever customization options you want, and we’ll take care of the rest! Plus, we’ll deliver and install at no extra charge!

Need a single, double, or triple carport? Or maybe you’d rather have an enclosed metal garage for better security and protection. Got an RV or other high-profile vehicle or piece of equipment? We’ve got an RV cover for you. Need a barn for your animals, hay, seed, feed, or other items? We do those too. Or what about a general storage building, utility building, workshop, warehouse, manufacturing center, storefront, office building, or something you can even use for finished living space? We can make all of that happen for you with our trusted partners in North Carolina, and more!

In a nutshell, NC Carports is here to help customers just like you to get the exact metal structure you need, and to take really good care of you in the process. We stand behind all of our products with industry-leading warranties, too!